Being a member of more than one Exchange Company provides a member with greater opportunities for exchange and Bonus Weeks.

When requesting an exchange, flexibility on dates and/or destinations will make it easier for the exchange company to arrange a successful exchange.  Request early and well in advance.  For example : School Holiday exchanges are often submitted 12 months in advance.  Members travelling internationally, please note that June, July and August are the summer months in Europe and are, therefore, in extremely high demand so requesting even 24 months in advance is advisable. If the resorts and dates you have asked for are not available, the search can be widened to encompass a greater range.  These will then be offered to you thus enabling an early holiday confirmation.

Exchange Companies often offer “Bonus Weeks” at different resorts. Members are not limited to the number of Bonus Weeks that can be used. You need only to pay the Bonus price listed for the week you are going to use. Members should call Exchange Companies direct for information.

For more information about RCI and the benefits of being a member, please visit the Member Lounge by clicking the link below.

Nepean Country Club is affiliated with many Exchange Companies listed below are the top four.



Australia 1300 368 800


Australia 1300 733 674