To assist the management and staff of Nepean Country Club to operate a safe and enjoyable environment for both residents and guests, we request that all our members follow the procedures for day use as listed below:

  • Day-use is for the exclusive benefit of financial members.
  • Priority of allocation of Resort amenities will be given to owners and their guest’s who are actually resident at the Resort.
  • Bookings for day use must be made the day prior to the day of visiting the Resort.
  • Day use visitors must at all times be accompanied by the share holder whose name appears on the share certificate.
  • Day use visitors must sign into the resort and produce photo ID on request.
  • Day use numbers must not under any circumstances exceed the number entitled to by the share held.
  • The owner is at all times responsible for any damage or accidents caused by him/herself or his/her guests including children in the party.
  • Day use vehicles are not permitted anywhere on the resort accept in the designated parking area which is the restaurant car park.
  • Day use visitors must at all times properly supervise any child in their party.
  • All Leisure Precinct Rules displayed must be obeyed at all times.
  • Management reserves the right to limit day-use access in periods of high demand.
  • Day Use is limited to 9am to 6pm Daily.
  • Under no circumstances are day use keys to be taken off the property.

For the safety and comfort of all visitors and residents, members or their guests involved in any anti-social behaviour or not abiding by the above procedures will be asked to leave the resort.