Timeshare owners also have the flexibility to exchange their entitlements to use at another resort. There are several exchange companies that offer Nepean Country Club owners different exchange options and choices.

The key to optimising your exchange holiday opportunities at any time is flexibility. The more flexible you can be with regard to the resorts you request and the dates you can travel, the easier it will be to get an exchange confirmation”.

Before planning any exchanges you must ensure the following:

  • Your levies at Nepean Country Club are paid in full;
  • You have not already used your entitlement on the resort or through an exchange company;
  • You are a member of the exchange company you have selected;
  • You have paid the appropriate membership fees to the Exchange Company for the period that is to be deposited;
  • Depositing your week with an exchange company must be done at least eight weeks prior to the end of the current financial year, the exchange company will not accept weeks after this time.