Timeshare, or holiday membership, offers millions of families around the world a secure holiday for a lifetime. Membership at Nepean Country Club gives you the right to occupy a holiday apartment at our resort property for one week each year.

Each year, you are entitled to use the resort for one week of accommodation, as well as day usage of the resort facilities. You are entitled to use your membership once the maintenance fees have been paid. The maintenance fees cover the cost of management and maintenance of your resort.

Purchasing Timeshare allows you to avoid the hassles of owning a holiday house, whilst providing you with a well managed and maintained holiday investment. You only pay for the time you use, not a full year.




The concept of time-share is simple. A developer builds accommodation units and divides each unit into 52 parts, each division being one week. At least one week of the 52 weeks is set aside for maintenance and the other weeks are sold to interested buyers.

A person buying a week or weeks in that property secures full rights of membership for that period annually. Membership duration’s is to the expiration of the lease, as long as maintenance fees are paid and the resort remains in operation.

Included in these rights is the excusive range of resort facilities such as tennis, swimming pool, spa, squash and light exercise room.

By purchasing only the number of weeks actually required, the timeshare purchaser is getting all the advantages of actual membership for only a fraction of the cost of outright purchase




Under this system, the purchaser obtains an interest as a Tenant-In Common in the land upon which the resort is built. This is a Nepean Country Club A-Class Share. Members of title based shares have all the rights and responsibilities of property ownership, but should abide by the constitution of the company that holds the lease of the resort. The purchase is evidenced by a “Certificate of Title” issued from the Titles Office




As the name implies, a “Right to use” scheme gives the purchaser the right to occupy the Resort and to utilise the facilities for a particular period of time. The membership continues as long as the resort continues to operate.

These are the Nepean Country Club B and C – Class Shares. The difference between the title based and “Right to use” at Nepean Country Club is only in the paperwork. All members have the same rights.




All weeks at Nepean Country Club are known as “Floating Weeks”. This means that members have flexibility to holiday at any time within a set entitlement period, subject to availability at the time of request.





The Nepean Country Club Board of Directors set the levies in accordance with projected costs. The following is an outline of the dates for levies:



Levy notices printed and sent to members. These levies are for the forthcoming entitlement period which begins on 1st July each year. members can book their entitlement after the levies are paid in full.


1st JULY:   

Levies are to be paid in full


31st August:

Penalty fee is applied along with interest on outstanding levy back dated to 1st July.  A notice will then be sent outlining procedures for debt recovery.


The board of Directors will not accept that non – payment is due to non-receipt of levy notice. Members are advised that if they have not received their notice by 5th June it is their responsibility to contact the Club to ascertain the levy payment required.



The forfeiture process is applied at Nepean Country Club so unfinancial shareholders cannot impose their financial burden on other shareholders. Members who ignore their reminder notice regarding outstanding levies will be passed on to our collections agency Slater Byrne, charges for their service will be passed on to the member. In accordance with our constitution the share will then be forfeited and the debt will remain until paid.   

Once the forfeiture process has begun, the unfinancial member loses all rights and privileges. They will have no right to use any entitlement weeks or use the resort facilities for day use.



Owners at Nepean Country Club have several options to use their entitlement each year.

Ø Book the week at Nepean Country Club.

Ø Split your week and have two short breaks 3day/4day – first part must be used by 30th November of the current year, an additional cleaning charge applies for this service.

Ø Spacebank the week with an exchange company to use  at another Timeshare resort

Ø Give the time as gift to a friend or relative – Guest certificate may be required

Ø Weeks can be extended into the following entitlement period, they must be used or banked prior to 30th November of that entitlement period, an additional charge applies for this service.

Prime holiday weeks booking procedures: 1/3 Resort is available for bookings in advance – 1/3 Resort is allocated to the exchange companies – The rest of the Resort is available for bookings 11 months prior to the arrival date.




All entitlement periods at Nepean Country Club are from 1st July until 30th June of the following year.

To make a booking, go to the Club’s web-site at www.nepeancountryclub.com.au or telephone the resort direct on (03) 5986 9800.

Bookings may be made in advance as long as maintenance levy is up to date and subject to availability at the resort however you are able to spacebank your week at any time as long as the entitlement is current.

The member must be financial up to the date of the booking. If maintenance levies have not been set for the period in question, the member must pay a “provisional levy” based on the latest fees. An account for any adjustment will be sent at the appropriate time.

All requests must be made by shareholders.


Timeshare owners also have the flexibility to exchange their entitlements to use at another resort. There are several exchange companies that offer Nepean Country Club owners different exchange options and choices.

“The key to optimizing your exchange holiday opportunities at any time is flexibility. The more flexible you can be with regard to the resorts you request and the dates you can travel, the easier it will be to get an exchange confirmation”.

Before planning any exchanges you must ensure the following:

Ø  Your levies at Nepean Country Club are paid in full

Ø  You have not already used your entitlement on the resort or through an exchange company

Ø  You are a member of the exchange company you have selected

Ø  You have paid the appropriate membership fees to the Exchange Company for the period that is to be deposited

Depositing your week with an exchange company must be done at least eight weeks prior to the end of the current financial year, the exchange company will not accept weeks after this time.




Ø  Be flexible about where and when you want to travel

Ø  Off-season travel is the easiest to obtain

Ø  Spacebank your entitlement as earlier in the current year as possible




Many Timeshare owners have been members of the same Exchange Company since they purchased their Timeshare. There is no reason that you cannot try the services of the other Exchange Companies whilst still being a member of your current Exchange Company. You may choose to join the other Exchange Companies, especially those without membership fees and become a member of two or three different companies, reaping the rewards they have to offer.

Being a member of more than one Exchange Company provides you with greater opportunities for exchange. Please do not hesitate to telephone the Exchange Companies with any queries you have regarding their services.




The following are the sleeping capacity for units at Nepean Country Club when using on exchange:

Studio        Motel style apartment Sleeps 2 people

Family      1 bedroom Apartment which Sleeps 2 people

Granada   2 bedroom Apartment which Sleeps 6 people

Super**    2 bedroom Apartment which Sleeps 6 people*


*  Even though you have the capacity to sleep 8 at Nepean Country Club, the exchange value for a Super is 6 guests.

** Owners of Super units may choose to split their entitlements into Family & a Studio Unit, giving 2 weeks of exchange. You must be aware that this will attract 2 exchange fees from your chosen company.  Please note that some of the exchange companies no longer accept the studio room of a super split unit.




Should you wish to allow another person to use your entitlement week at Nepean Country Club, you must organise a Guest Certificate. This can be done in writing to Nepean Country Club or via the website www.nepeancountryclub.com.au Online the charge is $45.00 and $50.00 when sending to the resort or credit card over the phone. Guest Certificates will not be issued without payment.

Giving your week to another person for an exchange must be done through the Exchange Company you have chosen. This may incur a cost, depending on your choice of Exchange Company


Exchange Companies often offer ‘Bonus Weeks’ at different resorts. These weeks can be purchased from as little as $99 from your Exchange Company. If you are flexible about when and where you travel, contact your exchange company and ask about their bonus weeks. This will not affect your entitlement at the Resort; this is an extra week for a fixed date and fixed destination. These are available all year round, some up to three months prior to travel date.

You are able to reserve as many bonus weeks as you require, subject to availability. These weeks can also be gifted to friends and family.

Multiple bonus weeks can be reserved for the same interval date for special occasions.



To assist the management and staff of Nepean Country Club to operate a safe and enjoyable environment for both residents and guests, we request that all our members follow the procedures for day use as listed below:

·Day-use is for the exclusive benefit of financial members.

·Priority of allocation of Resort amenities will be given to owners and  their guest’s who are actually resident at the Resort.

·Bookings for day use must be made the day prior to the day of visiting the Resort.

·Day use visitors must at all times be accompanied by the share holder whose name appears on the share certificate.

·Day use visitors must sign into the resort and produce photo ID on request.

·Day use numbers must not under any circumstances exceed the number entitled to by the share held.

·The owner is at all times responsible for any damage or accidents caused by him/herself or his/her guests including children in the party.

·Day use vehicles are not permitted anywhere on the resort accept in the designated parking area which is the restaurant car park.

·Day use visitors must at all times properly supervise any child in their party.

·All Leisure Precinct Rules displayed must be obeyed at all times.

·Management reserves the right to limit day-use access in periods of high demand.

·Day Use is limited to 9am to 6pm Daily.

·Under no circumstances are day use keys to be taken off the property


For the safety and comfort of all visitors and residents, members or their guests involved in any anti-social behaviour or not abiding by the above procedures will be asked to leave the resort.



Nepean Country Club now offers an online system through our website at www.nepeancountryclub.com.au  This option gives members the ability to take control of their own timeshare holidays by allowing members to pay levies, make bookings, deposit weeks, make rental reservations, make day spa and restaurant bookings.  There are also links directly to the exchange companies.  Simply contact the resort to receive your member number, password and a few simply steps to follow and you’ll be all set to go. 



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