Movie night at the drive-in’s! It’s the perfect outing for those that want a trip down memory lane and for those that have never had the pleasure. Visit Dromana Drive In!!!

Nepean Country Club | Dromana Drive In

Nepean Country Club | Dromana Drive In

A short 10-minute drive from our resort, you will find Dromana Drive In. Established in 1962, Dromana Drive In offers 3 massive screens to watch the very latest movie releases.

Experience the nostalgia as this drive in is home to all the wonderful features of yesteryear, plus the comfort of what we have since come to enjoy.

With the ease of listening to the movie audio through your car radio, you don’t need speakers hanging from your car window anymore! Although they are still there dotted around and sure to make you smile. There’s a playground for the kids to run off some energy before the movie starts.

Shells Diner, with its retro style, has all your favourite movie snacks. Buttered popcorn, burgers, hotdogs, fries, drinks, sweet treats and so much more. The diner is a spot of entertainment within itself with impressive movie memorabilia. Genuine Disney and Warner Bros figurines adorn the walls. Life size statues, pinball machines and jukebox are there for you to check out. Plenty of soft toys, figurines and other goodies to purchase too. Its authentic 50’s American style enhances the trip down memory lane. Enjoy the booths to dine in or take away back to your car to snack away through the film. Dromana Drive In allows patrons to bring their own food so that’s always an option too.

For those warmer nights, there is a fourth screen – Deckchair cinema! Sitting under the stars, a 7-metre-wide screen uses latest digital technology projector gives another movie experience. Enjoy the comfy deck chair provided or hire a bean bag. You can bring your own seating too. The sound is broadcast on FM radio via headsets or loudspeaker. What an awesome way to spend a Summers night.
So, grab some cosy blankets and pillows and head to Dromana Drive In for an outing that will have you returning again and again!

Next time you are a guest at Nepean Country Club, try and find time to visit the Dromana Drive-In for a wonderful night out. We highly recommend it.

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